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How Can Hypnotherapy Help an Adolescent Teenagers?

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Hypnotherapy help to transform Teenagers behavior and outlook on life.

During puberty, the body is adjusting to these fluctuating hormone levels and this fluctuation does create mood swings. However, there are several other physical causes accounting for increased moodiness apart from fluctuating hormones.  Teenagers can find it difficult to express their emotions, they may be too embarrassed by their problem and unable to discuss it.   Lazzaro is a very friendly person and teenagers they  feel very comfortable and happy to meet him in person at his office.  

Lazzaro Pisu at the Naturala Healing Clinic  provides a toolbox of techniques and strategies which can be of lifelong benefit.( adolescent stages- hypnotherapy)

During teenage years, from puberty through to young adulthood.

puberty,adolescent,teenagers,psychotherapy,hypnotherapy,alternative therapies ,CBT,psychologist

During teenage years, from puberty through to young adulthood, we typically go through more changes than at any other time in our lives.  Anxiety is often associated with life changes and that is why it often develops in late teens and early adulthood and, if not treated at that time, can become lifelong and debilitating.  Limiting beliefs, avoidance behaviors and low self esteem can prevent the anxious teenager from exploring their potential and taking adult responsibility for themselves. Because anxiety is often regarded as a weakness or a flaw, it saps confidence and can undermine relationships, education and career development. ( adolescent stages- hypnotherapy)

puberty,adolescent,teenagers,psychotherapy,hypnotherapy,alternative therapies ,CBT,psychologist

There are various stressors on teens in our society. Bullying, hormonal changes, educational pressures and social demands are big influences on adolescent life. For some teenagers, emotional issues can become more serious. According to research, one in ten of our children below the age of 16 experience mental health issues. Despite being commonplace, there are limited resources available to  deal with these issues and teenagers will often suffer in silence rather than draw attention to their own vulnerabilities. For many years now, parents have sought the advice of Lazzaro Pisu when they discover their child has emotional problems which are affecting their well-being.   (adolescent stages-hypnotherapy) 


Lazzaro Pisu have experience with many types of teenagers from many different cultural, ethnic, class, race, religion and abilities.  Lazzaro guide each teenager in a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental manner.​  Lazzaro is a very friendly person and teenagers they  feel very comfortable and happy to meet him in person at his office.   

Lazzaro was born and raised in Italy, A trained Integrated clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Instructor for the NGH the oldest and most reputable Guild of hypnotists in the world. His reputation for effective hypnosis not only attracts clients to his Vancouver, Toronto practices, but from all around the world. hypnotherapy- adolescent stages

Hypnotherapy help to transform Teenagers behavior and outlook on life.

Hypnotherapy help to transform Teenagers behavior and outlook on life.


Conditions like depression are subconscious, automatic and emotional and typically characterized by feelings of being helpless, hopeless and out of control. The developing adolescent brain has limited resources to deal with these distressing and confusing symptoms, over which they have little or no conscious control. With hypnotherapy, a teenager can be guided towards achieving the self awareness which will enable them to learn to redirect their attention in a mindful way so they can re-balance their mood fluctuations. By recognizing their thought patterns they can use hypnotic techniques to interrupt, challenge and change the negative feelings related to depression. Hypnotherapy provides the tools to subconsciously build beneficial beliefs and emotions. (adolescent stages-hypnotherapy)

Transforming a Life Through Visualization Hypnotherapy

Transforming a Life Through Visualization Hypnotherapy


puberty,adolescent,teenagers,psychotherapy,hypnotherapy,alternative therapies ,CBT,psychologist


Teenagers are typically exposed to disappointment, failure and rejection during their formative years and the impact these experiences have on emotional development and expectations of themselves can affect them for life. The resulting low self-worth and lack of confidence create limiting beliefs which can affect the big decisions which young adults have to make about their future.   (adolescent stages-hypnotherapy) 

If your child is afflicted with a negative self-image or struggling to make friends and approach life with the fascination and confidence a teen should, hypnotherapy can help them achieve metamorphosis into the best young adult they’re capable of being and to recognize and value their true worth. The subconscious mind harbours critical thinking and negative feelings about who we think we are and many of these core beliefs become established during teenage years. 

puberty,adolescent,teenagers,psychotherapy,hypnotherapy,alternative therapies ,CBT,psychologist

Hypnotherapy nurtures confidence in young adults by helping them take control of the symptoms of negative thoughts and feelings too. These can include behavioural problems like anger, OCD, self harm, habits, addictions and eating disorders and social, sexual, family and relationship issues.  (adolescent stages-hypnotherapy) 

“Hypnotherapy can help rewrite the script while it’s still in draft stage so the adolescent author can take centre stage in their own life, confidently using their own strengths to create success and overcome adversity.”

Relief from many types of problems including:

puberty,adolescent,psychotherapy,hypnotherapy,CBT,psychologist,counseling,alternative therapies

Hypnotherapy for teenagers provides relief from many types of problems including:

Anxiety - Lack of confidence - Fears and Phobias - Behavioral problems - Parental break ups - 

School life problems - Exam Nerves - Bullying - Aggression - Eating problems & disorders - 

Stutters and stammers -  Bed-wetting - Nail biting - Thumb sucking - Hair pulling - Internet addiction - Concentration and mind orientation -  And more... 

What happens during a session?

During the sessions your teenager will be in a friendly environment and feel relaxed and comfortable, they will not be asked to discuss their problem but will be encouraged to learn, develop and strengthen natural coping mechanisms using a teenager friendly Programme followed by a hypnotherapy session using the Blow-away technique  a suitable hypnotherapy suggestion session. The Blow-away Technique is a non verbal technique, which helps teenagers resolve their emotional problems. ( adolescent stages-hypnotherapy)


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puberty,adolescent,psychotherapy,hypnotherapy,CBT,psychologist,counseling,alternative therapies

During the session your teenager symbolically “blows away” any unpleasant emotions and anxieties that arise during the session.  Young people find it easy to use their imagination, therefore expressing their emotion, without having to say anything.  The Blowaway Technique will help them to get “things off their chest”, which they may not be able to do elsewhere.

At all times your (under the age of 18) teenager must be accompanied by a parent or guardian,  these sessions are also hugely beneficial to the parent or guardian as they help the you overcome your worries you have for your child. (adolescent stages- hypnotherapy)

Any child or teenager with an emotional problem will benefit from this type of hypnotherapy.

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