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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy for Sexual Problems

Our sexual problems hypnotherapy,psychotherapy and CBTV can help with sexual problems by addressing the psychological and emotional aspects associated with sex.  This could be sexual anxiety over one's sexual performance, expectations of one's self or past experiences, which can all contribute to sexual difficulties and related sexual problems. 

(treatment for sexual problems - hypnotherapy - psychotherapy) 


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Hypnotherapy,psychotherapy and CBTV  for sexual problems can teach you to feel like a sexual being again, it can move you forward from any trauma experienced and to regain that intimacy and desire experienced previously with your partner. 

Through our sexual problems hypnotherapy we will work with the ‘unconscious’ to heal any possible trauma experienced, remove any anxiety around sex and utilize visualization for you to begin to see yourself how you want to be.  Anorgasmia is treated in a similar way, using a mixture of our sexual problems hypnotherapy and CBTV, NLP to re-align the mind to allow intercourse to naturally progress to orgasm. 

(treatment for sexual problems - hypnotherapy - psychotherapy)

100% Confidential, Safe and Secure

TREATMENT-FOR-SEXUAL-PROBLEMS-IN-METRO-VANCOUVER-hypnotherapy,psychotherapy,alternative therapies,

Our Sessions are 100% Confidential, Safe and Secure

Using  hypnotherapy,psychotherapy and CBTV  you will begin to feel confident and relaxed in yourself and your body to enjoy a sexual, intimate relationship that feels good for you and alleviate any sexual anxiety.

I offer sessions in a relaxed, safe and secure environment and have vast experience with sexual problems.

Your session is strictly confidential.

Enjoying the fulfillment of intimacy, your sexuality is a wonderful part of life. Don’t suffer in silence, I can help.

(treatment for sexual problems - hypnotherapy - psychotherapy) 

My Clients

Lazzaro have experience with many types of clients from many different cultural, ethnic, class, race and religion, abilities, and sexual orientation.  Lazzaro will guide you through this process in a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental manner.​ 

To book an appointment​ with Lazzaro call 604 202 7938. 

(treatment for sexual problems - hypnotherapy - psychotherapy) 

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