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sexual abuse healinh

Sexual Abuse Healing

sexual abuse healinh

Dexual Abuse Healing: Have you or someone you know experienced the impact of sexual abuse? Are you aware that hypnotherapy can effectively aid in healing the consequences of sexual abuse and restoring one’s sense of wholeness

Sexual Abuse Healing

Throughout my years as a hypnotherapist, I’ve encountered many clients who have endured sexual abuse in various forms, whether as children or adults. While a majority of these clients have been females, males also grapple with its effects.¬†

Regardless of age or gender, the aftermath of sexual abuse can be debilitating, especially when the abuser is a parent or family member. Children inherently expect their parents and family members to protect them, not harm them. The resulting consequences often manifest as sexual issues in later life, significant trust issues, and hyper-vigilance, characterized by constant anxiety and vigilance against threats.

Victims of sexual abuse often internalize the identity of the victim, as they are usually unable to resist or defend themselves due to fear, size, or being told that such occurrences are “normal but secret.” This can lead them down paths where they identify with further victim-related lifestyles, such as substance abuse or unhealthy relationship choices, perpetuating the cycle of abuse.

What surprised me the most when working with sexual abuse clients is that they carried feelings of guilt, shame, dirtiness, and unworthiness, despite having done nothing wrong themselves. I wondered why this was the case, as these clients were blameless. I discovered that significant distortions had occurred in their recollection of the events.

For instance, a woman in her forties felt profound shame, viewing herself as stupid and weak for not stopping the abuse physically or escaping the locked room. It was shocking to realize she was just a four-year-old child at the time, with her abuser being much older and physically imposing. I asked her if she expected her own five-year-old daughter to fend off an abuser and escape from a locked room, to which she replied, “Of course she couldn’t.” This prompted her to reconsider her self-blame, a story I’ve heard repeated many times. Guilt often stems from any pleasure experienced during the abuse, but it’s essential to recognize that our sexual organs respond to stimuli naturally, regardless of the source, without any need for guilt.

Working with more clients, I observed that the feelings of shame, guilt, and self-hatred ran deep, serving as substantial barriers to healing, regardless of their level of understanding. During a hypnotherapy session, I had a breakthrough moment, realizing that in most cases, abusers energetically project their guilt and shame onto their victims during the sexual act, allowing them to avoid confronting those emotions. Consequently, the shame and guilt experienced by clients were not truly their own but had become interwoven within their energy field, leading them to claim ownership. As clients came to understand that this energy did not belong to them, they were eager to rid themselves of it, making significant progress once it was removed from their energy fields.

Sexual abuse has far-reaching effects on a person’s conscious, subconscious, unconscious, energetic, emotional, mental, and physical levels, and it also affects the soul or spirit. To cope with the trauma, soul loss often occurs as a protective mechanism during the abuse. Following such experiences, the abused individuals often feel diminished and numb in some way. This is done to help them endure what has happened or continues to happen. However, for complete healing to take place, once the emotional, mental, energetic, and physical aspects are addressed, soul retrieval is necessary to restore the self to wholeness. Hypnotherapy proves highly effective in this regard, as it offers healing on all levels and employs soul retrieval techniques.

I’ve witnessed countless clients not only move forward in their lives but also create lives they love. They’ve forgiven and forgotten their abusers, realizing the lives they once dreamed of living. If you’ve been a victim of sexual abuse, know that you’re not alone, and you have no reason to feel guilty. The effects can be fully healed, enabling you to move forward. I understand that you may not have shared your experience with anyone before, but there is no reason to feel ashamed, and the most crucial step is to seek the healing you need. I would be honored to assist you on your healing journey if you decide to reach out. Call: 604 202 7938

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