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Unlocking the Potentials of a Profound Change

Experience the transformative power of hypnotherapy, a potent clinical tool that directly engages with the unconscious mind, influencing behaviors, emotions, attitudes, and motivations. At the Natural Healing Clinic we recognize the profound impact of our sessions  in gently achieving personal goals and fostering enduring changes effortlessly. This therapeutic approach not only aids in healing the body but also assists in resolving ailments and restoring ease. Unveiling the depths of the unconscious mind, hypnotherapy unlocks memories, alters perceptions, and introduces positive enhancements into our lives.



Through the practice of our session, a direct line of communication with the unconscious mind is established, steering profound and remarkable transformations.


The unconscious mind governs a spectrum of crucial aspects in our lives—our emotions, beliefs, self-esteem, immune systems, and physical well-being. It plays a pivotal role in shaping our thoughts, feelings, choices, and actions.



Often referred to as the subconscious mind, it harbors the authentic essence of our being—a treasure trove encompassing our personality, perceptions, intuition, inner wisdom, and creativity. Hypnosis acts as the conduit to access these internal riches, enabling individuals to shape their lives according to their aspirations.

Coping with Confidence & Self-Esteem


Contrary to common perception, hypnosis is not an eccentric, trance-like state but a natural altered consciousness, inducing a sense of normalcy in those who experience it.

The safety, non-invasiveness, and enjoyment of hypnothersapy contrast starkly with traditional counseling or psychotherapy, offering rapid and profound improvements even after the initial session.



An enlightening study by Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D., as cited in American Health Magazine, underscores the efficacy of hypnotherapy with a staggering 93% recovery rate after just six sessions, surpassing the recovery rates of other therapeutic approaches significantly.

Live a Better Life

Our goal is to empower individuals to take command of their thoughts, feelings, and choices, paving the way to manifest the life they aspire to lead.

Experience the power of transformative therapy.

Consider these statistics:

⦁ Psychoanalysis yields a 38% recovery rate but requires an extensive 600 sessions.
⦁ Behavior Therapy boasts a 72% recovery rate within just 22 sessions.
⦁ Hypnotherapy surpasses all with an impressive 93% recovery rate, often achieved within a mere 6 sessions.

Empower your journey toward healing and transformation with hypnotherapy, offering unparalleled efficacy and swift results.

Our one-on-one sessions specialize in fostering transformative changes for individuals seeking support in various areas, including but not limited to:

⦁ Alleviating stress-induced symptoms such as insomnia and writer’s block
⦁ Overcoming irrational fears and phobias like fear of flying, claustrophobia, and arachnophobia
⦁ Initiating behavioral changes such as smoking cessation, weight loss, and overcoming habits like nail biting or OCD
⦁ Accessing memory recall for finding misplaced items, age regression, and Spiritual Regression
⦁ Managing anxiety related to public speaking, test anxiety, panic attacks, or constant worrying
⦁ Enhancing sports performance
⦁ Improving relationships, including intimacy issues and child discipline
⦁ Addressing unexplained symptoms and conditions unresponsive to traditional medical treatments


Our approach to hypnotherapy is highly personalized, eschewing standardized formulas in favor of tailored sessions that resonate with each client’s unique journey. We believe that every challenge and discomfort in life presents an opportunity for self-realization, allowing individuals to align with their true nature and elevate their vibrational frequency, operating at a heightened level.


Employing a conversational approach, we facilitate hypnotherapy sessions that encourage inner exploration, enabling you to tap into your innate wisdom and intuition for answers. We empower you to become your own guide, assisting in the process of accessing your inner reservoirs of knowledge.

Attracting the right clients.

We specialize in working with individuals who seek authentic transformation. If you’re seeking a quick fix or believe hypnosis is a mystical solution that manipulates individuals, then our approach may not align with your expectations. We thrive in collaborating with individuals who have already embarked on their inner journey—those who have delved into introspection, meditation, journaling, or artistic expression.

Our expertise caters to those pursuing inner peace alongside external accomplishments. Clients who embrace accountability for their lives and are open to internal shifts are the ones We connect with most effectively. Join us on this journey towards holistic transformation and personal empowerment.

If you resonate with any of the following, we’re likely an excellent match:

  • A therapist seeking innovative techniques.
  • An ambitious business owner pursuing personal growth.
  • A naturally curious individual hungry for new experiences.
  • A creative soul—be it a writer, musician, photographer, painter, or actor—eager to explore new avenues.
  • A person deeply connected with their body, such as a dancer or athlete, seeking holistic practices.
  • A dreamer with a relentless pursuit of personal development and transformation.

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