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Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues: If you’re looking to up your game in love and relationships, then you’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes we can be out of a relationship for a long time even though we desperately want to find love with the right partner. There are a number of reasons why we can find ourselves single despite our best efforts otherwise.

It may be that our subconscious fear of getting hurts outweighs our conscious desire to be loved. Perhaps our confidence and self-esteem is at a low ebb and we don’t feel we deserve to be in a happy and loving relationship.

Other reasons might include unresolved issues with a previous failed relationship or the fact that our ‘type’ isn’t really our type. Or it might be that we’re subconsciously choosing people who aren’t ‘available’ because it’s a safe option – which goes back to the fear of being hurt.

Relationship Issues


DHP.Lazzaro Pisu have an impressive track record of working with clients to overcome difficulties in starting or maintaining relationships – or in coming to terms with the end of a relationship. Whether it’s dealing with the pain of being involuntarily single or simply helping you to have a better relationship with yourself, we can help.


1. Love: Unlocked

When love becomes hard to find, the answer often lies within. Love:
DHP.Lazzaro Pisu
 help single people reboot their attitude to themselves, relationships and love.  The barriers to finding happiness with someone else are often subconscious banana skins related to your emotional availability. Lazzaro doesn’t just dial up your confidence levels and resolve your availability, he also gets practical on the business of meeting people and forging successful intimate relationships by conquering the hidden fears that stop you finding the relationship you want. 

Relationship Issues

 2.  Love: Me First

If you want to love and live with someone else, you first need to be able to love and live with yourself. Because if you can’t, it’s asking a lot of someone else. Self-love is the key to all successful relationships. Lazzaro works to help you establish a healthy relationship with yourself, building self-respect and self-esteem, clearing negative beliefs you have about the person you are.

Relationship Issues-Natural Healing Clinic=Vancouver

3.  Love: Rekindled

Sometimes the love we’re looking for is right in front of us – it just needs to be kick-started back to life. Being in a relationship is wonderful, but it can be tough on both people. Issues bubble to the surface, caused by a lack of communication, pent-up resentments small and large, and petty and not-so-petty arguments. Lazzaro works with both people to take an holistic approach to your relationship and rebuild lost trust and rediscover the love and magic that brought you together in the first place.

4.  Love: Regained

The break-up of a long-established relationship can be really tough, not just in the pain divorce and separation cause, but in how it can expose confidence and esteem issues that crop up when the time comes to get out and find someone new. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing a failed relationship defines who you are and dating nerves can cause anxiety and stress. Lazzaro treatments help you to reconnect with yourself and value who you are and what you represent, clearing negative beliefs about how you see yourself and giving you the confidence to date without fear.


Whether you’re single and struggling to find the right somebody, hoping to rekindle an old relationship or breathe new life into the one you’re in, or looking to find a new relationship after divorce or separation, the business of intimacy can come with a million and one hang-ups. Lazzaro is an expert in finding happiness through successful relationships – and he’s designed a range of hypnotherapy treatments that will inspire anyone to find the love and happiness they deserve.

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