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Past life beliefs have existed in ancient cultures for ages, but it’s only in recent times that psychiatrists and hypnotherapists have developed and shaped past life regression into its current form.

The pioneers of modern Past Life Regression include Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, and Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon.

Harnessing the Power of Regression in Hypnotherapy:

Unlocking Health and Healing


Regressions: Hypnotherapy, a practice that taps into the subconscious mind to promote healing and wellness, often employs regression as a powerful tool. Regression therapy within hypnotherapy sessions has gained significant attention for its profound benefits in addressing and resolving various health concerns. Through regression, individuals can explore past experiences, memories, and emotions, leading to remarkable healing and personal growth

At its core, regression in hypnotherapy involves guiding an individual back to earlier moments in their life, often childhood or even past lives, to address unresolved issues or traumas. Here’s why this technique has emerged as a valuable asset in healthcare:





Unearthing Root Causes:

One of the most compelling aspects of regression therapy is its ability to uncover the root causes of present-day challenges. Many physical and mental health issues stem from past experiences that individuals may not consciously remember. By revisiting these experiences in a safe and controlled environment under hypnosis, clients can identify and resolve long-buried traumas or unresolved conflicts.

Emotional Healing and Release:

Traumatic experiences can leave emotional imprints that continue to affect individuals for years. Regression in hypnotherapy offers a safe space for individuals to confront and release these emotions, leading to profound healing. By addressing past wounds, clients can experience a sense of relief, letting go of emotional burdens that may have manifested as stress, anxiety, or even physical ailments.


Behavioral Patterns and Empowerment:

Often, our current behaviors and reactions are shaped by past experiences. Through regression, individuals can understand the origin of certain behavioral patterns or limiting beliefs. Recognizing these patterns empowers clients to make conscious choices, break unhealthy cycles, and create positive change in their lives.

Self-Discovery and Personal Growth:

Beyond healing, regression therapy fosters self-discovery and personal growth. Clients often gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their motivations, and their potential. This self-awareness becomes a catalyst for positive transformation and improved overall well-being.


Holistic Healing and Integrative Healthcare:

The holistic nature of regression therapy complements conventional healthcare approaches. By addressing the mind-body connection and acknowledging the impact of psychological factors on physical health, regression therapy becomes a valuable component of integrative healthcare, supporting traditional treatments and promoting overall wellness.


Critics may question the validity of recalling past events during hypnosis. However, numerous studies and anecdotal evidence support the effectiveness of regression therapy in promoting healing and positive change. The focus is not on the accuracy of specific memories but rather on the emotional and psychological healing that occurs through revisiting these experiences.

It’s important to note that regression therapy should only be conducted by trained and certified hypnotherapists in a safe and supportive environment. The therapist’s role is crucial in guiding the client through the process and ensuring their well-being throughout the session.

mental health

In conclusion, the incorporation of regression in hypnotherapy sessions offers a transformative approach to healthcare. By delving into the depths of the subconscious mind, individuals can heal old wounds, gain clarity, and experience profound personal growth. The benefits extend beyond mere symptom relief, fostering a holistic sense of well-being and empowerment. As more people embrace this powerful modality, the potential for positive change and healing in healthcare continues to expand.

Remember, the power to heal lies within, and regression therapy in hypnotherapy serves as a guiding light on the path to wellness and self-discovery.

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To Book Your Past Life Regression Session Call: 604 202 7938

There is no hesitation or questioning along the way, because you know how it feels and that you will be recovering unusual information. In the Interlife journey you are pure spirit, where you may visit your soul circle, meet your guide or guides, learn your soul name and soul purpose, visit the library, laboratory, place of healing and the council of elders, and finally your life choice place

Fees: $200 X Session

To Do A Booking:

Call: 604 202 7938

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Unlike a past life reading where the psychic reader ‘sees’ events in your past lives for you, with this therapy you can see and re-live your own past life experiences. Some people regress into two or three different past lives within one session. Usually the reincarnations you go to during any particular sessions are the ones which are relevant to problems you are experiencing now, helping you understand why you act the way you do, or where some of your fears come from. Experiencing first hand past reincarnations can bring radical changes and healing to your present life and help you avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Did you ever get the feeling that you have been here before? 
  • Did you ever visit a place or a country and immediately have some strange affinity to the place and feel as though you have come home?
  • Did you ever go somewhere that you had never visited before and yet somehow knew just what was around the corner?
  • Did you ever have that strange feeling that a person you just met was completely familiar, like you had known them all your life?
  • Did you ever take an instant dislike to someone for no apparent reason?

Perhaps what you were experiencing is a residue of a past life. Just maybe, you really have lived before… and just maybe somewhere in your subconscious mind is the memory of that experience that gets triggered now and again when you connect to something familiar.

Why Choose an Online Past Life Regression?

Convenient & Accessible

Our online past life regression sessions are available to anyone with an internet connection, no matter where you are in the world. 

How does it work?

What happens during this session?

Past Life Regression Therapy generally takes around two hours. That gives time for you to prepare for your ‘journey’ and establish your goals.

Safe & Secure:

I have preformed countless past life regressions via Zoom. This type of hypnosis is very light and you will be fully aware of what is going on around you in and outside of the regression.

No Traveling Necessary

We will be engaging your subconscious brain for 2 hours non-stop. After the session, it’s recommended that you sit back, relax, nap or have a cup of tea because you will be exhausted.

Insightful & Transformative

You will have the same connection to me the regressionist and your past life as you would in-person. Some clients have even noted they feel more immersed in the session because they have headphones on and are able to focus more without outside distractions

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Once you have a clear idea of how the process works you are then guided into a state of deep relaxation or light hypnosis, which is a perfectly natural state that everyone experiences for instance in daydreaming or just before you drift off to sleep. In this state you can gain access to deeper stored memories. The past life recall is similar to when you recall a holiday, you may not remember it all but key elements will jump out.

The session is designed to help you gain insights into your present life conditions and the reasons for some key choices or beliefs and may enable you to get a greater sense of your current life purpose. You may get the chance to identify members of your soul group who have joined you in this life and in other lives and clear any unwanted baggage that comes with these connections.

We will look at karmic lessons and see what if anything, needs to be resolved to ensure that the karma is clear and any unfinished business is resolved. We will work to heal and release anything that no longer serves you especially unhelpful vows that might have been made. Often there may have been vows to maintain states such as poverty, chastity and denial that need to be cleared to make way for success.

One session is enough for you to get access to your past lives and it is possible that you may experience more than one life at a time. However further sessions are completely at your discretion, it depends on how much exploration you would like to make into your past.

Online past life regression through hypnotherapy can be an immensely beneficial and transformative experience, offering insights, healing, and personal growth. It provides a unique opportunity to explore the depths of one’s consciousness, leading to a greater understanding of oneself and fostering overall well-being.

Past life regression online offers a myriad of profound benefits-

Engaging in past life regression online offers a myriad of profound benefits that can profoundly impact one’s life journey. Through this digital platform, individuals can embark on a deeply introspective and transformative exploration of their subconscious, unveiling insights and understanding that might otherwise remain dormant. Online past life regression sessions facilitate convenient access to experienced hypnotherapists and spiritual guides from the comfort of home, eliminating geographical barriers. This accessibility allows for a safe, confidential, and immersive experience where individuals can uncover unresolved issues, release emotional blockages, and gain invaluable insights into their present circumstances. Ultimately, online past life regression serves as a catalyst for personal growth, healing, and self-discovery, offering a gateway to deeper understanding, spiritual evolution, and a profound sense of empowerment in navigating life’s complexities.

Dr. Brian Weiss, a Columbia University and Yale graduate in medical psychiatry, encountered his first past life experience with a young woman named “Catherine.” During a childhood trauma regression, Catherine was inadvertently regressed to a time before her birth. Dr. Weiss, a self-professed agnostic and man of science, initially found it challenging to believe. However, Catherine described the experience as intense and emotional, believing in past lives more readily than Dr. Weiss himself. Subsequently, Dr. Weiss conducted numerous regressions and authored several books based on his clients’ experiences.

Dr. Newton, initially a behavior modification therapist, initially declined past life regression requests from clients. However, a client suffering from unexplained hip pain led Dr. Newton to explore past lives. Surprisingly, the client described a WW1 battlefield under regression, sparking Dr. Newton’s experimental phase. He delved into documenting experiences of clients in a “life between lives,” where spirits seemed to choose new lives and learn from past ones, chronicled in his book “Journey of Souls.”

Dolores Cannon stumbled upon past life regression accidentally during her hypnosis training in the late 60s when terms like “New Age,” “Reincarnation,” or “Past Lives” were not in common use. Initially employing hypnosis for smoking cessation and weight loss, she eventually delved into exploring past lives, collecting extensive information. Despite initial rejection by publishers due to the abstract and unfamiliar subject matter, she persisted. Her first book, “Five Lives Remembered,” emerged over a decade later, kickstarting her journey of writing numerous books on the subject.

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